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For Room Monitors

It's super simple

We have introduced a Room Overview account for every Hospital so that there is a central admin for building all lists without having to log in and out of each room. 

Focus on making sure the next day is fully planned the day before for maximum efficiency

For Nurses and Health Care Assistants

Stop & Start

It’s as simple as that! 

Of course you can add notes both to the session and procedures and reasons for cancellations. To keep it as straightforward as possible the main process is just one button and as few clicks as possible. 

Late Start Reasons

Description and use case for each

The first person on the list did not attend and therefore the list was started with the next available person on the list 

The first patient on the list was late and caused the list to start late 

The first patient of the lists didn’t consent to undertaking the procedure before the planned start time 

The patient arrived on time BUT was not prepared 

The theatre was in use by someone else OR for another reason the room has been taken out of action so it cannot be used for scoping purposes

The theatre can be used but was not prepared to be used at the planned start time

Error within booking process and should not have been on the list

At the time the list was due to start everything was ready to go ahead but the scopist was not present

At the time the list was due to start everything was ready to go but there was no nursing staff available to assist with the scope

Cancellation Reasons

Description and use case for each

A previous patient’s session had serious complications, leading to the current procedure being unable to go ahead and therefore being cancelled.

The patient failed a Covid-19 test and is unable to undergo the procedure

The patient is unable to provide a negative Covid-19 test where required and the procedure must be cancelled

An important piece of equipment within the room failed, therefore the procedure was not able to go ahead

The patient was unable to undergo the procedure as they were deemed medically unsuitable by the list leader 

The list time overran and the current planned procedure had to be cancelled due to a lack of time 

The procedure was unable to be performed due to a lack of staff, staff needing to leave before the list was completed or the procedure turned out to be to complex for staff to complete

Patient did not attend for the procedure

The procedure has to be moved to another room, where it is still performed but needs to be removed from this list. 

NOTE: It is important to record these and not just delete so it can be reviewed for room booking and procedure allocation

The patient chose to withdraw consent before or during the procedure

The patient did not correctly prepare for the procedure e.g. medication, bowel prep etc

The patient failed to fast as instructed before the procedure 

The patients current medication means they unable to undergo the procedure

The patient has become too unwell to undergo the procedure

Historically an area for recording ‘other’ reasons, now only occurs when the list is not closed correctly at the end of a session 

For Managers and Analysts

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