Solutions at your fingertips for compliance and performance management​


Designed to resolve compliance and performance management in Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment


Effective time and resource tracking in single and multi-use rooms across departments


The Inform People platform extends across sectors, providing industry-specific solutions to management, compliance, and communication challenges.

How the Inform People platform saves your company time, money and helps with your growth.

Our goal? To take the headache out of keeping your business compliant and safe. By using technology wisely and focusing on providing quick, clear and concise information, we want to allow people to focus on their main role whilst knowing how their actions can make a difference in the wider business.
We take a hands on approach, working with you to help produce a system that is tailored to your needs, benefits from our experience working with FTSE 100 companies and ultimately gives you insights for growth.

The fully online system makes it easier for your people by giving clear instructions on what tasks need to be done as well as a platform where tasks are assigned, completed and reported on in real time.

The organisational benefits of this software:
  • one simple interface, via the Virtual PA
  • modular – grow the system over time to tackle the biggest issues first
  • automated rules based on job characteristics
  • make critical decisions supported by data from all locations

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How We Help - Business Modules

Virtual PA

Telling you what is on today's to-do list with clear tasks


A profile for every person in your company


Create clear and structured paths to advancement

Knowledge Base

Securely store and share all core company info


Keeping internal communication simple


All your day to day audits and checklists in one place


Structured and scheduled reviews are a must

Event Management

Manage attendance and record results


Keep your team up to date with the latest training

Insights & Reporting

Dive into your data to make decisions

Our Security:

Cyber Essentials 2023

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