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Collect and process your company data for insights into actions taken at all your locations.

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How the Inform People platform saves your company time, money and helps with your growth.

The Inform People Platform can save your company time, money and has been proven to work.

It makes it easier for staff members by giving clear instructions on what tasks need to be done throughout the day as well as gives a platform where you are able to communicate with employees in real-time.

The organisational benefits of this software are that it will give your business all of these tools under one simple interface which saves businesses hours each week trying out new systems or hunting down information from different sources.

Where we work

Our platform extends across sectors, providing industry-specific solutions to management, compliance, and communication problems. We work in:


Designed to solve a specific set of problems that many retailers face.


Resolve the issues that come with running the busy work environment.


Providing solutions to management problems in the industry.

Health Care

Effective management in each department and across the board.

How We Help

Virtual PA

Like having your own PA right in your pocket.


A profile for every person in your company.


Create pathways so that your team works the same way.

Knowledge Base

A place to keep all the info for your company.


Keeping internal communication simple.


All your day to day audits in one place.


Structured and scheduled reviews are a must.

Event Management

Keep everyone up to date with important company dates.


Keep your team up to date with the latest training.

Insights & Reporting

Dive into your data to see how you're performing.

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